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Blackjack - A Popular Card Game

Blackjack! Even if you have never played this card game, you must have surely hear of the game. This is simply because this is one of the most popular card game ever played in the history of man. Did you know that cards have a history that dates back to the 9th century? Yes, believe it or not, they are as old as you can imagine. However, the card games played in that era were quite different than the ones played today. Let’s take a look at cards played in the past and cards played today.

The History of Playing Cards

Playing Cards aren’t the modern or the twenty first century things. Their history dates back to the Imperial China in the Ming Dynasty. A playing card measuring 9.5 by 3.5 cm dating back to the Ming Dynasty was found which shows that playing cards are themselves ancient. Through China, the game finally spread towards Asia and Europe all thanks to the Silk Route for facilitating trade.

Experts even claim that China has been into playing cards since the Tang Dynasty which existed there in the 9th century.

Anatomy of the Playing Cards

Each deck of playing cards has 54 cards which include 52 numbers and 2 jokers that can be replaced in case of the cards is lost.

Apart from this, there are the following symbols in the game:

• Heart

• Spade

• Club

• Diamond

Heart and Diamond are of red color while Club and Spade are black in color. These are the basis that are used for any card game played, whether it’s played online or with physical cards.


Playing Cards in the Twenty-First Century

This century has witnessed everything going online and so is the game of cards. Believe it or not, you can now play blackjack and other card games without having cards! All you need is a computer or a smart phone to get online and start playing. This isn’t it! Technology has enabled us to play cards multiplayer that too from the comfort of your place.

In the modern time, even gambling has gone online and one can now enjoy casino from the comfort of their house. There are many websites online which offer safe and secure interface for card betting, gambling and playing casino games like rummy and many others.

A player can play anytime anywhere as per their convenience and any of the following payment methods can be used to place a bet:

• Credit Card

• Debit Card

• Online Banking

There are hundreds of trusted websites out there which act as a platform for players to get online, add money to their accounts and start playing casino. The money which you are going to win can be claimed and will be sent direct to your bank account!

For those who are new to card games such as blackjack and are still learning how to play or exploring the different games which they can play with cards, you can too play for free on many websites only and even use tutorials to learn the rules. Apart from this, internet can also be your guru and teach you tricks and secrets of the playing card games to make sure that you don’t lose your money and do well in games.

There have been tons of people who have done so well monetarily by just playing blackjack online.

How to play blackjack online?

Playing online is simple even if you are not much tech savvy. A little assistance from someone who is already in to playing blackjack online won’t hurt. Or at least you must be aware about the fact that there are scam websites too which claim to make you play but ultimately eat up all your money. So you first got to find a legitimate place to play where players from all across the globe connect.

Winbiz online is one such website which we can recommend as it has been there for quite some time. They have got their SSL protected interface to ensure that your information and especially your vital information like credit card details aren’t saved anywhere or misused. You can even play on it for free and there are many free games available for practicing. These include Winbiz Blackjack, Rummy, Poker and more.

So what are you looking for? Get online today, be a little tech savvy and you will surely admire how things have become easier with technology stepping in and facilitating nearly everything that we do in today’s time. Blackjack is truly a spectacular card game and playing it online in the convenience of your own home makes it even more fun. 


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